Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saints and Sinners, part II

Time is money when you use the internet aboard a cruise ship, so we won’t be posting every day until we get to the mainland again. We will continue to check e-mail on the ship’s computers which work faster than our laptop. Alas, we can’t post the blog from their machines.

We will report our trivia results, menu choices and other exciting news next Saturday before we get to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and again Tuesday after we leave the Canaries. The reason is simple: there will be nothing to report except the shipboard routine. By now, it should be obvious what that routine is. Sleep late, have breakfast in the dining room and then read until TT time which is 11:30 on sea days. Hang around with the team chatting, then read until lunch. Read in the afternoon until nap time. Shower and dress for dinner, then visit the casino after dessert. See the show if it sounds really exciting. Go to bed. Repeat for the next five days. And that’s Monday through Saturday of this week.

Today, however, we were in port on St. Lucia, another southern Caribbean island. Pretty and green, it looks like lots of other islands. We had thought about taking the water taxi from the dock to town, but the taxi wasn’t operating because it is Sunday, the owner’s day of rest. Or, as someone on the dock said, “He is a Christian,” which made at least one of us wonder about the rest of the islanders. Voodo, perhaps?

We did get off the ship to visit the retail shops on the pier. It reminded us of a poor man’s St. Thomas where many of the ritzy-glitzy stores have outlets at the pier. This one was kind of sad, though some passengers still found ways to spends dollars. The best bargain there may have been two bottles of beer for $3US. We didn’t spend very much time ashore and returned to read on the stern deck again. It was still windy even though the Prinsendam was anchored and eventually we went inside and got lunch.
From there it was off to the Ocean Bar for a Coke Zero from our stash and then TT where we tied for second again, missing out on magnificent HAL picture frames by just one point. We weren’t too disappointed and we continue to have fun as a group. Oh, did I mention that Coke Zero is the new drink of the gods.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and wrestling with the Sunday NYT crossword. So far, it is winning. At dinner, we continued our nightly conversation with our next-door neighbor. For the foodies out there, MA had the vegetarian curry and D had the fish. After dinner, we checked the answers to the Daily Quiz in the library. We look at it every day but don’t turn it in; usually the winning entry has been submitted before we even see it in the morning. Some of the more competitive types use the library and internet to research the answers. That takes the “trivia” aspect out of it. We figure we either know it or we don’t. Frequently, we don’t.
MA decided to finish reading her book before bed, so D took the laptop to finish today’s journal entry. Once again, he was seduced by the blackjack table where he parlayed his $40 into $65. He was so grateful that he left a $5 chip as a tip for the dealers. Maybe they’ll lend it back to him at the end of the cruise.
And so to bed.

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  1. Looks like I'm the only reading this thing who cares enough to write back. St.ucia is a pretty island. We did the rain forest canopy ride when we were there on the cunard cruise. And did it rain!!!! It was pretty neat. We were wayyyyyyyyyyy up there in the trees with the birds and the height challenged tree frogs.

    Are there no otheractivities during sea days or are they just not interesting? How come I keep asking questions and don't get any answers???? Pretend these are trivia questions.

    Anybody playing bingo?

    Hopethe seas are calm.... see you on the other side!